“Beauty lies in the eye of beholder” is a well known phrase. But how many of us are aware that we are born in a blessed land called India? The pride of being a part of a diversified, beautiful and vibrant nation and society inspired us to start our own coffee table books publication.

As students of sociology, we are very much aware of the concept of “value neutrality” and we like to stick to it as far as possible. We are patriots who want to tell the world, through our books, how rich and evolved we are as a nation.

To the cynics, we would like to remind that being a patriot does not always mean holding a gun at the border to safeguard the nation, but to contribute in every tiny way without suffering from “ethnocentrism”.

Shamim Akhtar, since his teenage has been a backpacker biker and has traveled the length and breadth of our nation. Sasmita Sarangi Akhtar, being an Odia, has always been very conscious about the rich heritage of our vast country and its culture. 

As family, all their vacations have been exploring new and unchartered territory of our nation. Considering that there is so much, here itself to see and imbibe, a vacation abroad hasn’t yet been on the cards other than their Kailasa trip, and Shamim’s invitation to Re-Union Island (France) in 2010.

It was their stay in Lakshadweep for two years that made them realize that such a beautiful coral island and its unique people have never been showcased to the world. And in a way their first book on Lakshadweep is one of a kind where monograph and coffee table book was merged in one.

Thus, Nishcam Publication is committed to publish books that showcase any facet of Indian culture, places or its people where it’s not just a bunch of random pictures but to be supplemented with corresponding text.

Being positive does not mean that we will overlook the cause, and for example when we published our book on Ladakh, we also highlighted the need of the hour to save Ladakh from “tourism pollution” in order to save the ancient civilization that Ladakh is.

We welcome any enthusiast writer /photographer to contact us if they have any idea of a meaningful quality book that suits our genre. We will surely help in shaping the book and publish it with a very transparent and honest understanding.

Lastly, we do believe in “global village” and in times to come, we will publish books on international subjects as well.


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