Valley of Flowers - an enigma in the lap of Indian Himalyas In Kumaun's hills, there lies an enigmatic valley of flowers. This is probably the first book of its kind where maximum varieties of flowers have been covered along with their biological names.
'The Beautiful People'- portraits from North East India, To many, all the North Easter people could be said to be " one race". In reality, in every village there is so much of diversity, and its people that this book is a salute to them.
'Seven Sisters'- the land of rising sun in India a book about the seven states of North East India, which could be eye opener for many....
Kailasa : A Journey Within  A diary of a pilgrim to the abode of Shiva, this book explores the journey via the Nepal route into Tibet till a point where the bodily and the astral journey become one. -
Forgotten DILLI - Portrait of An Immortal City   A value neutral account of medieval DILLI as if in conversation with the monuments. The book takes you back to that era through its all monochrome and Infra-red pictures -
'Rode to Heaven'- LADAKH This is in the form of a biker's diary. In a mere span of 16 days, the book takes you on a virtual ride, on a time scale, to our northern most district , where the Indus Valley Civilization was seeded..
'Floating Pearls in Arabian Sea' - LAKSHADWEEP This book provides an insight into the lives of a very small but distinct community of the people of Lakshadweep. It is a fusion of a monograph and a coffee table book...


When stones burst into songs Qutub Minar mu
Mr. Khuswant Singh

At times Delhi looks beautiful but the kind
Mrs. Sheila Dixit

This book provides an opportunity to relish
Janab Wajahat Habibullah

Best book and pictures of Kailasa I have ev
Shri Ved Pratap Vaidik

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Dr. Karan Singh