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Kailasa : A Journey Within

Kailasa : A Journey Within

Author: Shamim Akhtar
Year of Publication: 2011
ISBN: 978-8190583336
Language: English
Edition: 1st
Pages: 140
Binding Style: Hard Cover
Size (in mm):
Rs. 2700

It is said that Kailāśā has a will of its own. The journey, cruising mostly off road in a Land Cruiser; the destination, speechless before the awesome Mount; the desire, of a personal thanksgiving; the purpose, parikarma or circumbulation of Kailāśā; the gift of solace, strength and zest for life in return- all of it is a lifetime experience and achievement. Many of us may feel the same while each one may have a unique divine anecdote to share. “Kailāśā- a journey within”, is all about the bodily and the astral journey of the author, Shamim Akhtar. He was lucky enough to receive two consecutive invitations from the Lord; while emphasizing the fact that both the reason for the journey and the experience of it are much more than words can summarize, he, nonetheless attempts to pen down his “free flow random thoughts”. The intention is not to preach but to think aloud with the hope that it will help him find his own resolution to some of the basic questions about God, life and the purpose of it. The splendid photographs taken by him are mere illustrations of his thoughts. - 


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