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'Rode to Heaven'- LADAKH

'Rode to Heaven'- LADAKH

Author: Shamim Akhtar
Year of Publication: 2009
ISBN: 978-8190583312
Language: English
Edition: 1st
Pages: 220
Binding Style: Hard Cover
Size (in mm):
Rs. 3500

..........From Pang the road climbs 500m up to another wide, flat valley plain - the Moreh Plains. So this is the Moreh Plains, the much talked about “roof of the world”; the world’s highest plains, with endless flatland of green, complete with sand traps and bunkers, I recollected. As I rode in apprehension, my eyes roving for sight of another life form, I sensed a dash of mystery in the air. At an altitude of 4,700 m Moreh Plains is seemingly not suitable for any form of life.

On this entire stretch not a speck of civilization is in sight and there is no water either. The perspectives are all subtly distorted due to lack of oxygen and extremely clear air, letting us see much further than we’re used to. I had a rough idea that Tso Kar was somewhere here but merely ended up in futile circles. Fortunately I sighted a herd of sheep and then the Changpa (nomads) huts. A resident from one of the huts helped me out.

He pointed at an adjacent mountain and informed that Tsokar was right behind it. It did not seem too far away and I was sent with the assurance that I would be given night stay here in case I returned from half-way. Grateful for that assurance I headed towards the mountain creating my own path as there seemed to be none. Once closer I spotted the breathtakingly beautiful patch of blue.........


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