During their stay in Lakshadweep between 1998- 2000, Sasmita and Shamim did their first coffee table book “Floating Pearls in Arabian Sea- Lakshadweep”. This book was accepted and approved by the Publication Division, Government of India.

Publication Division took three years to ‘consider’ it and had several terms and conditions which weren’t acceptable to Shamim and Sasmita. Same was the case with other publication houses. Each had its own views of modification.

The experience of running from pillar to post for getting their first book publish made them realize that most so called big publication houses are nothing but money making firms with very little or no passion at all towards their books.

After consulting with many author friends and senior photographers, Sasmita S. Akhtar was suggested to start her own publication, not just for their own book but also to provide a genuine publication house to other coffee table book authors/ photographers.

Hence Nishcam Publication was initiated in 2007. “Floating Pearls in Arabian Sea- Lakshadweep” was published. 

The quality of the books published by them was appreciated by the distributors and now, Nishcam publication is established in the network of distributors/ online book sellers, all the major book shops and even the library of Congress.

Nishcam Publication is committed towards publishing quality coffee table books which showcase the glory of India by established and even first time writers / photographers.

The driving force behind this publication is to prevent the authors/ photographers  from “facing” what they had to go through in order to get their first book published.


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